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The Green Room Psychological Services is the choice forensic psychological evaluation and therapeutic center with its main office in San Diego, California. We have our sister offices in Austin and Boston, from which we primarily conduct immigration evaluations for residents of Texas and Massachusetts.

At The Green Room, we are confident and proud of the depth of knowledge and experience we bring to the table to serve our clients who are in the immigration process, or in need of individual psychological treatment. We specialize in conducting a variety of immigration psychological evaluations including Medical Certification for disability Exception (N-648 form), VOWA evaluations (Violence Against Women Act, Asylum petitions, Cancelation of Removal, Hardship Waiver (I-601), and U-Visa.

In addition, we conduct neuropsychological testing including ADHD diagnostic evaluation, learning disability assessments, and individual psychotherapy to individuals who have a history of childhood physical, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse, trauma and PTSD, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. We also specialize in integrating EMDR therapy into our trauma informed individual psychotherapy for individuals with specific trauma history.

The Green Room’s team is quite diverse in clinical and cultural background. We truly appreciate diversity, as it is evident in our group.

Our Services

Immigration Psychological Evaluation

The process of immigrating to the United States can be lengthy and stressful. At The Green Room, we are dedicated to help individuals and families to navigate the immigration process and provide the professional help they need.

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Neuropsychological Testing

We provide a detailed written report that will offer recommendations tailored to one’s individual learning style – a kind of “user manual” for the brain to support learning and wellness.

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Personal Injury Therapeutic Services

It’s easy to measure the extent of the physical injuries from a traumatic accident or event, but the psychological effects often do much more damage.

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EMDR & Trauma Treatment

When troubling symptoms due to past traumas plague your life, it’s time to turn to eye movement and desensitization reprocessing or EMDR therapy.

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Worker's Compensation Services
Individual and Couple Therapy

CEO & Founder

Meet Our Executive Director

Neda Khodaparast, PsyD, QME, is the founder and CEO of The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. in San Diego, California.Dr. Khodaparast earned her doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston. She has over 20 years in clinical practice providing individual and couple therapy, as well as conducting forensic evaluations for personal injuries, civil cases, immigration evaluations, and pre surgical clearance psychological evaluations. She has also been conducting medical-legal worker’s compensation evaluations as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) Since 2014.

Dr. Khodaparast specializes in utilizing psychodynamic orientation and focuses on treating trauma and PTSD including childhood sexual and physical abuse, sexual assualt’s survivors, war truama, as well as eating disorders, and adoption related issues. She appreciates the complexity of human’s psyche and understands the process and the importance of “meeting the patients where they at.”During the treatment, Dr. Khodaparast uses multiple approaches and strategies including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and Jungian therapy to help patients to recognize the unconscious thoughts and feelings that effect their decisions and assist them to break their unwanted behavioral patterns.Dr. Khodaparast speaks fluent English and Farsi and treats patients using both languages. Her main objective is to help patients to gain insights about their own psychology, find meaning in their lives, and fortify their relationships with themselves and others.

Practice Locations


5252 Balboa Avenue, Suite 502
San Diego, CA 92117


2620 J Street,
Sacramento, CA 95816


110 N San Joaquin Street, # K
Stockton, CA 95202


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Our Team

The Green Room’s team is quite diverse in clinical and cultural background. We truly appreciate diversity, as it is evident in our group.

What People Are Saying

Kamran Jahangiri

Top tier experience. The staff, therapists, and everyone at green room is a pleasure to work with. I have complete confidence in their abilities. They have done a phenomenal work with all my referrals. Highly recommend them!

Dr. Robert R Pontecorvo Jr

Very happy with the services here. They are very professional and the staff communicate between provider and patient incredibly well. Follow up communication was prompt and very detailed. I highly recommend their care to anyone seeking appropriate psychological assistance.

Ace Sahebalam

I had a great experience with Dr. Neda. She is very detailed person, with high knowledge. Her advises not only saved my personal life but also helped me in my career. I highly recommend her. Thanks again for all your help and support.

Annastaysha W

DR. Rodriguez with Green Room has been amazing. She is very friendly, compassionate, empathetic, & caring. It had been a pleasure to be with her for the services provided. Thank you very much for your time & fruitful assistance.

Lucy L

I was very hesitate to do this. However I was pleasantly surprised by the young lady we spoke with. She was very kind, understanding, and very down-to-earth. I would be happy if we were to continue appointments with her. Dr. Luna is wonderful. I always thought of any kind of therapy in a negative light. But with Dr. Luna, it would actually be a pleasure. 5 thumbs up

Carlos Guzman

Very good doctors. Felt like I was heard. Love the telehealth video feature. It was like we were in the same room.

Hal Moore

I thought my experience was a positive one. The Doctor was very nice and easy to talk to. She displayed a great deal of interest and compassion, and I look forward to my next session.

Marjan Tehrani

I definitely recommend The Green Room Psychological Services. They will response to your questions right away. Although, Dr. Neda is very busy, but she still met with us for the emergency request. Thanks to Dr. Neda and thanks to Daniel for taking care of the scheduling and communication. I’m very grateful. Thanks

Scott Matthews

The staff are extremely efficient and do everything they can to assure you keep your appointment. In addition, they’re very patient and understanding and are willing to go the extra mile to see that your needs are met. My actual first meeting did not disappoint. The doctor seemed to intuitively know what I was going through and prepared a course of therapy designed to resolve my issues. I am looking forward to my appointments with the therapist and feel confident of the outcome.


I was thankful to have a visit with a doctor who actually took the time to listen to me and ask me relevant follow up questions. I genuinely feel as though my doctor truly care about my well-being.