The Green Room Psychological Services Inc.



Jamie Ramirez

Had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Luna she was very professional, kind, and attentive to me and everything I had/wanted to say. I would definitely come back if necessary and would highly recommend to anybody in need of therapy services. 5 stars!

Carlos Guzman

Very good doctors. Felt like I was heard. Love the telehealth video feature. It was like we were in the same room.


Great Services, Understanding of me and my needs! The staff is amazing and would recommend to friends and family.

Hal Moore

I thought my experience was a positive one. The Doctor was very nice and easy to talk to. She displayed a great deal of interest and compassion, and I look forward to my next session.


On January 11, 2023, I had a virtual session with Dr. Rosie Rodriguez. I explained the psychological issues that I am experiencing to the doctor and I found her to be a very good communicator and listener. She gave careful consideration to my matter. She provided me with an explanation as to why I am experiencing what I am going through. The doctor thoroughly explained and defined the medical terminologies related to my condition. I am in total agreement of her diagnosis and suggestion for treatment. I am thankful for the professionalism and services that I have received from The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. I have a few sessions pending, but I do believe I will be better having been counseled by the doctors at The Green Room.

Lucy L.

I was very hesitate to do this. However I was pleasantly surprised by the young lady we spoke with. She was very kind, understanding, and very down-to-earth. I would be happy if we were to continue appointments with her. EDITING: Dr. Luna is wonderful. I always thought of any kind of therapy in a negative light. But with Dr. Luna, it would actually be a pleasure. 5 thumbs up

Marjan Tehrani

I definitely recommend The Green Room Psychological Services. They will response to your questions right away. Although, Dr. Neda is very busy, but she still met with us for the emergency request. Thanks to Dr. Neda and thanks to Daniel for taking care of the scheduling and communication. I’m very grateful. Thanks

scott matthews

The staff are extremely efficient and do everything they can to assure you keep your appointment. In addition, they’re very patient and understanding and are willing to go the extra mile to see that your needs are met. My actual first meeting did not disappoint. The doctor seemed to intuitively know what I was going through and prepared a course of therapy designed to resolve my issues. I am looking forward to my appointments with the therapist and feel confident of the outcome.

Leonard Bennett

I love the service

Amanda Santana

This was an awesome experience.

Martin Allen

Friendly, caring and very helpful…

ash keshavarz

Made major leaps and strides here. Highly recommended.

Knowledge speakes Wisdom listens (Wise words with Sam wise)

It was professional and to the point

alice effendi

First visit with De Zenga. Received useful information.

babak khodaparast

Perfect service, so caring and very knowledgeable

Maribel Topf

Neda was amazing and prompt.

Nasim K

She is the best

Alex J

She is very responsible and spend time to make sure i am satisfied with my sessions