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Do you feel like the communication in your relationship is failing? This is one of the most common reasons why couples, friends, and other partnerships seek relationship counseling. At The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. in San Diego, California, the team encourages open communication and provides a safe environment for relationship growth. To start building or rebuilding your relationship with counseling services, call The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. or book an appointment online today.

Relationship Counseling Q & A

What is relationship counseling?

Relationship counseling is a type of counseling that aims to strengthen or clarify your partnership, friendship, or marriage. Relationships require work by both partners to thrive. Even if both partners are thoroughly committed, certain stressful events and circumstances can place a strain on a relationship.

The team at The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. is dedicated to providing personalized relationship counseling. During counseling, your provider encourages open communication and mitigates your sessions. It isn’t just for romantic partners: you can seek relationship counseling for any close relationship in your life, including business partners, siblings, or best friends.

When do I need relationship counseling?

Many people share the common misconception that relationship counseling is only for relationships already in turmoil. The truth is that you can seek relationship counseling at any stage of a relationship regardless of the presence or lack of specific hardships. Great reasons to explore relationship therapy include:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Conflicts with mutual decision-making
  • Infidelity
  • Criticisms of each other
  • A traumatic event in one or both partners’ lives
  • Sexual intimacy issues
  • Chronic illness

Regardless of your reason for seeking guidance in your relationship, the team helps you find a strategy that works for your relationship dynamic.

What should I expect during relationship counseling?

When you come to The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. for relationship counseling, the first few sessions involve one-on-one time for each partner with the provider. Then, you complete sessions together as a couple. You’ll talk about your individual history and the history of your relationship as well as its current dynamic. You must also tell your provider your reasons for getting counseling and describe any present issues.

You need to be prepared to be honest during your time in relationship counseling. It might get uncomfortable, but being transparent and listening to your partner’s needs can help you come to a conclusion about the future direction of your relationship.

While many people leave relationship counseling with a stronger relationship and ready for a long future together, others come to the conclusion that their relationship has come to an end. Either way, you’ll leave counseling knowing you’ve come to a mutual decision and that it was the right choice.

If you feel that your relationship could benefit from relationship counseling, call The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. to request an appointment today.