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Personal Injury Counseling Specialist

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It’s easy to measure the extent of the physical injuries from a traumatic accident or event, but the psychological effects often do much more damage. At The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. in San Diego, California, the team provides personal injury evaluations and counseling to help you cope with the trauma and present it as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit if you decide to file one. Call The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. to request an appointment for personal injury counseling today.

Personal Injury Counseling Q & A

What is personal injury counseling?

After sustaining a severe injury from a traumatic accident or incident, the psychological effects often get overlooked. Following a traumatic event, you might experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Personal injury evaluations and counseling are available from the team at The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. They evaluate you to determine the extent of the psychological effects of your injury and strategize a treatment plan based on the results.

The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. realizes that traumatic experiences are extremely stressful and provides personal injury services on a lien basis. That means you don’t have to worry about insurance or out-of-pocket payment at the time of your services. Instead, you can wait until your personal injury case is resolved to worry about finances.

When do I need personal injury counseling?

There are countless reasons why you may need personal injury counseling at The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. Traumatic events that can kickstart emotional distress and cause you to need personal injury services include:

  • Car accidents
  • Physical assault
  • Animal attacks
  • Elderly harassment or abuse

These are just a few of many examples, but the need for personal injury counseling after a traumatic event is largely subjective. If your case results in missed work, lost wages, hospital stays, financial distress and emotional turmoil, you might opt for a personal injury lawsuit which often requires personal injury counseling.

How can I tell if I need personal injury counseling?

The emotional effects of traumatic events vary widely. If your emotions and habits change after a traumatic event, there is a good chance that the changes are linked to the trauma. Common signs that you need personal injury counseling include:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • New or worsening anxiety
  • Fear
  • Feelings of humiliation or embarrassment

During your initial evaluation, your provider at The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. asks you questions about the event and your feelings surrounding it. They may ask you to keep a journal of the daily changes that you notice in the way you think and behave. If the team finds that you have psychological impairments as a result of your incident, they offer psychotherapy to help you work through it.

If you recently experienced a traumatic event or accident, don’t hesitate to call The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. to book a personal injury evaluation and personal injury counseling today.