The Green Room Psychological Services Inc.




Dr. Rebecca Luna earned her doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in integrative psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego. With a 20-year background in studying and implementing meditation and mindfulness, she utilizes an integrative approach to psychotherapy. Through her work she helps guide people towards a deeper understanding of the body/mind connection, to uncover their innate healing capabilities, and to discover the unconscious patterns that prevent health and happiness.

Dr. Luna has extensive training and experience in working with people who struggle with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, relationships, identity, life transitions, immigration stress, trauma, sexual orientation, and work/life balance. She collaboratively developed a multidisciplinary intensive outpatient program for chronic pain that included mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, physical therapy, medication management, nutrition, body awareness practices, and community integration. Furthermore, Dr. Luna has led a wide variety of wellness-based groups aimed at optimal living and her doctoral research focused on sound healing as a complementary treatment for depression.

Dr. Luna has a passion for creating community in all domains of her personal and professional life. Outside of her work as a psychologist, she is an avid yoga practitioner, loves the outdoors, and is an active human and civil rights advocate. She believes transformation is possible and that human suffering can be utilized as a vehicle towards personal, societal, and global growth.