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Questions and Answers Regarding the N-648 Immigration Psychological Evaluation

Immigration Form N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions

Q & A: The Psychological Immigration Evaluation for N-648 Form

Q: What types of documents do I need to bring to my first appointment?
A: You need to have your state-issued photo ID or driver's license, or permanent
residency card (Green card) at the time of your appointment. This way, the evaluator
can verify your identity. It is also helpful if you can bring a list of all the medications you
are currently taking. Furthermore, please bring all the letters/notices you have received
from the immigration office (USCIS) regarding your case. It would be helpful to bring a
copy of the N-648 form that another clinician has completed in the past for our review.

Q: How many sessions does it take to complete the evaluation?
A: Depending on your psychological conditions, we should be able to conduct the
evaluation in one session, which is about an hour long.

Q: Do you offer telehealth (remote) appointments to do the evaluation?
A: Yes, the immigration psychological evaluation to complete the N-648 form can be
done in person or via telehealth. Our clinicians can conduct these evaluations for the
California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii residents at the moment. For telehealth
appointments, you will receive a link that you can easily click on and start your video

Q: Do I need to have a computer to be able to do the telehealth appointment?
A: Not really, but you do need to have a smartphone with a camera. This type of
immigration psychological evaluation cannot be done just over the phone without the
evaluator being able to see you.

Q: I don't speak English at all. Do I need to bring a translator with me to the
A: Yes, you need to have someone, who is fluent in English and in your native language
present at the time of your immigration psychological evaluation to assist with the

Q: I never went to school and can't read and write even in my native language. Do
I still need to submit the N-648 form and request to be medically exempted from
taking the citizenship?
A: Yes, I am afraid you need to. Being illiterate in your native language does not
necessarily mean that you have a medical or psychological condition that prevents you
from learning a new language (in this case, English) or U.S. history and civics.

Q: How long does it take to get my completed N-648 report?
A: We normally try to have your report ready within 2-3 weeks. In some cases that the
applicant has already had an interview scheduled with the immigration office ,or has
been given only 30 days to provide the immigration office (USCIS) with the N-648 form,
we will do our best to expedite your report and complete it in 7 days for an additional
charge. Due to the high volume of referrals we receive, it may take up to 2 weeks to
schedule your evaluation with one of our doctors, so please make sure to plan ahead.

Q: I have already submitted one report from another doctor and the immigration
officer didn’t accept it and they asked me to get a second doctor’s opinion. Is this
something that you can help me with?
A:Yes, we can. In this case, please make sure to bring a copy of the first report to your
appointment or if possible, email it to us prior to your appointment. In these types of
situations, the applicants usually have only 30 days to submit a second N-648 form to
the immigration office (USCIS.) We are mindful of these timely sensitive matters and
will do our best to schedule you as soon as possible and provide you with the
completed N-648 form. However, we need at least 14 days to be able to schedule your
appointment and ensure we have enough time to complete your report. As mentioned
before, there might be an additional fee to put a rush on your report, if needed.

Q: I went to my citizenship interview twice and both times the immigration officer
denied the N-648 that previous doctors had completed. Can I still apply for
A: Yes, you might. You have two chances to provide the USCIS a completed N-648
form and request to be medically exempted from taking the citizenship exam. If for any
reason the officer has denied your petition both times, you need to file a new citizenship
applicant( N-400 Naturalization application )and obtain a new N-648 form. That is why
it is very crucial to be evaluated by physicians who are experienced and specialized
in conducting these types of immigration evaluations so you don’t have to take a risk of
getting denied.

Q: I have been seeing my family doctor for a long time. Can she/he complete the
N-648 form for me?
A: If they have prior experience in conducting these evaluations and had completed the
N-648 form before, yes they absolutely can. However, in our experience, most family
doctors are not specialized in doing immigration forms, which is technically a legal form.
We have seen many applicants coming to us after their first N-648 form was done
by their family physician was denied because it was not completed correctly according
the criteria and requirements that the USCIS has for these types of cases.

Q: Can I use my health insurance to pay for the evaluation cost?
A: It depends on your insurance company and the plan you have with them. Once you
have made your payment, we can provide you with an invoice that indicates the out-of-pocket amount paid by you, as well as the date of service. You can submit it with your
insurance to see if they may partially compensate you. However, there are a number of
insurance companies that may deny your request as these immigration evaluations are
not considered “medically necessary” by the insurance companies.

Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept major credit cards, Venmo, and Paypal. Cash payments are no longer
accepted and the full payment needs to be made prior to your scheduled appointment.
We will be happy to provide a receipt for your payment upon request.

Q: Can the doctor come with me to my interview at immigration office?
A: I am afraid not. We do not offer any legal advice to the applicants, nor accompany
the applicants to their interview at the immigration office. However, you are entitled to
have an interpreter present at the time of your interview if you do not speak English.

Q: How long the N-648 report is valid?
A: They are valid for 6 months. Reports older than 6 months may be rejected by the
immigration office (USCIS). In this case, you will need to be evaluated again and a new
N-648 form will have to be completed and submitted with the USCIS.

Q: Do I need to send the N-648 form along with my citizenship application or
A: If you are requesting to be medically exempt from taking the citizenship exam, you
need to submit the completed N-648 form along with your citizenship application. There
are instances that if you fail the citizenship exam at the time of your first interview, you
will be given a chance to be evaluated by a physician who can help you to complete the
N-648 form. In this case, you need to find a doctor who is specialized and experienced
in completing the N-648 and then you can submit it with USCIS separately.

Q: Will you guarantee that my case get approved by the INS?
A: We can guarantee that your N-648 form will be complete based on the information
available to your evaluating physician at the time of your appointment. However, no one
can guarantee that your case will be approved by the USCIS as this is a decision that
only the immigration officer who is interviewing you will make. We are clinical
psychologists and can only guarantee that the medical information included in your
report is accurate per your account. We also take responsibility to revise your N-648
form if it turns out that we made an error or a typo in your N-648 form with no additional

Dr. Neda Khodaparast Neda Khodaparast, PsyD, QME, is the founder and CEO of The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. in San Diego, California. Dr. Khodaparast earned her doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston. She has over 15 years in clinical practice providing individual and couple therapy, as well as conducting forensic evaluations for personal injuries, civil cases, immigration evaluations, and pre surgical clearance psychological evaluations. She has also been conducting medical-legal worker’s compensation evaluations as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) Since 2014. Dr. Khodaparast specializes in utilizing psychodynamic orientation and focuses on treating trauma and PTSD including childhood sexual and physical abuse, sexual assualt’s survivors, war truama, as well as eating disorders, and adoption related issues. She appreciates the complexity of human’s psyche and understands the process and the importance of “meeting the patients where they at.”

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